2018-19 Old Bonhomme School Growth Goals

Old Bonhomme is an active and engaged school community that is always striving for excellence and improvement.  With that goal in mind, each year we ask our families to provide us with their observations and opinions about our school. This data is used to set future goals and guide the way we use our energy and resources.

This past spring, we had over 200 parents respond to the OB Parent Climate Survey.

With scores between 96-87% on the survey there was strong agreement shown for many items including:
  • The school is a supportive and inviting place for my child to learn
  • High expectations are set for my child’s academic performance
  • Additional academic, social-emotional, or behavioral support are provided as needed
  • A variety of assessments are used to measure my child progress appropriately
  • Have opportunities to stay informed about my child’s educational program, issues or problems.
  • My child is safe at school

From survey comments and feedback the following items emerge as areas for growth this year:

  • Increase enrichment and challenge for more students
  • Provide more communication about assessment results 
  • Increase principal and teacher initiated communication
  • Provide more staff training on supervision and responding to behavioral challenges
  • Increase attention to cafeteria and bathroom cleanliness

In addition, based on other data collected, we’ll also be working on these as growth areas:
  • Increase student achievement in math by providing more strategic and effective instruction for all students
  • Implement Second Steps Social Skills Curriculum with fidelity in all grades
  • Integrate Restorative Practices with our students
  • Implement Olweus intervention and build upon community confidence in Old Bonhomme as a supportive, safe and inviting place for learning

Working together with a growth mindset, we can build an even stronger school community that is child-centered and supports life-long learning for our students and staff.  It’s a pleasure to be on this journey with you.

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

We have an exciting week ahead for our families and staff as we prepare for our first day of class in just another week!  

On Wednesday morning, August 15th from 7:30-10:00 a.m. it's Orientation Packet Pickup for Parents with class assignments, handbooks, and so much more.  That evening at the Cardinal's Game, our Show Choir will perform at the 7th inning stretch!

On Thursday morning, August 16th, from 10:00 -11:00 a.m., we have our Kindergarten Parent & Student Orientation for our youngest students.  That night from 5:30-7:00 p.m., we host our Meet the Teacher event for 1st-4th grade students and their parents.  We are looking forward to seeing all the excited faces as students meet their teachers and see their new classrooms.  Don't worry about dinner that night because our OBPTO hosts the annual BBQ Social at Stacy Park starts at 5:30 p.m. for all of our families and staff.  It's a wonderful social opportunity to welcome new families and renew acquaintances.

When teachers, parents and students come together, we can accomplish great things. It’s going to be an awesome year at Old Bonhomme and I’m glad you will be a part of our success! See you soon!

Enrollment & Staffing News

It was a busy summer for staffing at Old Bonhomme School.  We have been enrolling new students throughout the summer and before August 1st we met the district criteria to add a fifth section of Kindergarten and a sixth section of First Grade.  Third Grade also goes from 4 to 5 sections this year.  Our current enrollment is 440 students which makes us the largest Ladue Elementary School again this year and still growing! 

We found perfect fits for our extra sections! They bring experience and enthusiasm to their new positions!
Kindergarten - Ms. Maayan Feintuch
First Grade - Miss Miranda Burroughs
Third Grade - Mrs. Andrea Boyle

We also hired several excellent teacher assistants to join the high quality teaching staff at Old Bonhomme! More background on all of our new hires will be included in a future newsletter. I hope you will join me in welcoming our new staff and showing them what an amazing place this is, with the most remarkable children and parents!

Share your feedback and ideas with us!

It's time for the annual Old Bonhomme Parent School Climate Survey!  Click on the link below to get started.

2018 Annual OB Parent Climate Survey

This survey has been done every year since 2008 and the past three years we've only averaged about 60 parents filling out the survey and we'd really like to hear from more of you!  We value your feedback and ideas so this year we are having a friendly competition to see which grade level has the greatest percentage of families completing the survey!  The prize will be an extra recess for the entire grade level on Wednesday, May 23rd.  We'll calculate percentages that morning and announce the winning grade level during morning announcements so don't delay!

These students from 2H know that our 2018 Survey will have the greatest number of responses with your help!  Our kids are counting on you for an extra recess to celebrate!

Arrival & Dismissal Checklist

We are MOVING 
in the RIGHT Direction 
at Old Bonhomme School 
starting on Monday, April 30th!
Are you ready?  

r The teacher knows how your child is going home.  
    Consistency is helpful to all involved.

r The child knows your plan for dismissal.

r Right turns only into and out of the school parking lot.

r Sign made to clip to your car visor.

r Cars on the lot (parked or in pick-up lane) will have pick-up 
    priority over those waiting on Old Bonhomme Road.

r Drivers need to stay in their cars.

r Stay in your parking place until you see your child outside 
    of the building in the grade level waiting area.

r Car riders will only be released to vehicles.

r Extra parking available at Stacy Park.  Do not park on 
    adjacent streets.

r Parents walking with students meet at the front of school 
    by the bicycle racks.

r Cross Old Bonhomme Road only with the crossing guards 
    at the intersections.

r Carpool or ride the bus, if possible.

r Please be patient and “Choose to Be Nice

Frequently Asked Questions about the OB Traffic Plan

We’ve had some great questions come in from parents and guardians about the new traffic plans.  We appreciate the help getting everyone on the same page!  Maybe the answers will help others too!  

Q:  What if a parent is in the carpool line but their child's class is not outside yet, will they be asked to circle back around?
A:  If your child is not outside yet or you have students in two different grade levels, your best option is to park and wait until both kids are in the pick-up area or come after 3:50. Even kindergarteners will be fine waiting with their teachers until siblings comes out. You can then join the pick-up lane and be on your way.  

Q:  If the lot is full and we’re told to keep moving west, do we go to Stacy Park to wait and are we expected to park and walk over for pick up or try again later?
A:  Either option is fine, but if you decide to walk over to meet your child, go to the Walker Waiting Area at the front of the school.  The supervisor there will call on the walkie talkie to get your child from the upper blacktop to meet you in the Walker Waiting Area.

Q:  How do these changes affect drop-off in the morning? Is entry to the lot in the morning also restricted to westbound traffic? Will parents still be able to park on the blacktop in the morning and walk their child into school? 
A:  The only change to morning drop-off at this time is the entry and exit from Old Bonhomme Road is to turn right in and right out. One strategy I've heard parents discuss is using Stacy Park to turn around after dropping off so they can head eastbound on Old Bonhomme Road. Parents are welcome to park and walk their child(ren) into school although we’d encourage you to park somewhere along the fence so you do not have to cross traffic to get into the school.   

Q:  Will there be a police officer making sure no-one makes a left turn onto the black top? 
A:  Olivette has passed an ordinance regarding right turns only, so they are installing new signage and will issue warning citations at first. Officers will be assisting at the beginning and are frequently there to assist as usual.

Q:  If I decide to park over to Stacy Park, where do I pick up my child?
A:  We've moved the location to pick up your child to the front of the school near the library door. The "Walkers" will leave at the same time as the Car Riders with their teacher but exit at the front of the school from the library door instead of going on to the upper blacktop.

Q:  Will this change the crossing guard locations at all? 
A:  No changes were made to the crossing guard location, however we will wait for a larger group to cross at one time rather than immediately crossing to keep traffic flowing.

Q:  We are walkers or car riders, depending on the after-school schedule and the weather. Is there any possibility of changing the pickup location of my girls on different days? We'd like to say we're walkers, but I'm one of those people with a baby, worried about days when it's pouring down rain.
A:  That will not be a problem for the teacher. Just let them know of any changes to the plan. The supervisors in both locations will have walkie-talkies and it is a short hallway to move from one location to the other.

Q:   What about the people who live on Stoneyside Lane? We're wondering whether we'll be able to enter and/or exit the parking lot from our street. 
A:  This is a tough one because the new plan and ordinance does eliminate being able to go directly across onto the OB lot even by residents at this time. The congested intersection with traffic coming from four directions was causing issues for movement of cars and the additional safety concern consistently reported by Stoneyside residents about cars parking on their street. 

Q:  At what age do you allow children to walk or ride bikes home without a parent present at pickup?
A:  The district does not have a rule about walking or riding bikes, and leave that to parents to decide. For bus riders, there is a rule that Kindergarten and First Graders need to be met at the stop by an adult on the list. For Kindergarten and First Graders, we follow parent’s requests for walking or riding a bike since they know their child best and who the child might be traveling with (ie. perhaps an older student). We ask everyone to communicate after school dismissal requests directly to the teacher and office so we can stay on the same page regarding dismissal routines.